What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

Now most people burn their fat, build up iron muscles, in various fitness clubs, spending a lot of money on it, because the result is the most important thing, the quantity is limited, and the quality absolutely high.But sometimes you want to tone down the work, just for the sake of it, and practice instead of nutrition, or at a mild pace, such as 30 minutes a day. Or, for example, do a workout in the morning and watch it afterwards. This is your opportunity to show off your muscles, prove to yourself that you can do calisthenics at home. Practicing at home is a great way to get better in sports, improve your figure, and get a boost of energy during your busy schedule. And it not only relaxes you, but also it makes your muscles more mobile, which is very important for biceps and triceps training. Because when you are busy with your workout, few people are interested in your well-being, safety, and the safety of your teammates. In this article, we mentioned the importance of a good workout. that is, what helped us improve our strength performance during the period of under construction. Thank you all for reading my article, I hope that it helped you figure out what stress reduction methods are worth it for you, and what they will help to you achieve. Thanks for your attention, on we will train!