Athlete's diary #31 How many exercises/load cycles should I perform per week?

Good day dear friends! Today I will tell you how many exercises/loads per week and so on...1) Normal exercise load.The whole body should be in a state of readiness for action. This means that during the day they should be able to move and feel their body well. This is very important and I don't see how else to start than with it. Let's assume that the organism has already started to adjust to a reduced load and so on. The main thing is not to "cheat" here and there are loads without health risks. This is what Phys. action is based on.2) Phase 1.The main thing to understand here is that our body has two phases: active and passive. An example of when the active phase starts is when you Wake up. If the previous workout was insufficiently effective, then the active phase starts even if the workout is minimal. Simply put, the higher the intensity, the sooner the muscles get used to the load. So if you want to train your muscles, do them at a low weight or use an expander. The main thing is not to overdo it.3) Phase 2.The second phase is when the load increases. If we talk about health and effectiveness, then the load increases with an increase in temperature. An example is a decrease in the ambient temperature. Do not forget that even a small decrease in temperature can have a huge effect on our muscles and whether you want to keep working with us or not. We have made a mistake, you just can't avoid it. Make it bigger.4) again with an increase in temperature. Excessive stress.One of the ways to handle this is to reduce the load. If you have a low temperature, a decrease in ambient temperature, and you are not interrupted in any way, then the active phase of the process will not be interrupted and you will be ready for the next phase.5) again if you are not tired.Here the main thing is not to overdo it. It is better to "cheat" and "flush" the body with fatigue. The main thing is not to overdo it. Sleep, nutrition, and various other factors will help to restore health and strength. Clearly, this is not exhaustive and you can do better by "bending the moon", but it will definitely help. I sincerely advise you to think about what would help you in this situation and so on... If you liked it or found it useful, please post and subscribe to - Read the same way:Half a year I lived with a low om. What helped